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National Anti-Crisis Management Turned Three

It's time to act! We have been engaging in action every day, without pausing for three years, even on weekends and holidays

Today marks the third anniversary of the National Anti-Crisis Management. Yes, it's been longer than our initial plans when we embarked on this journey. However, we are well aware of what we, as Belarusians, are fighting for. We want to remind both the weary and the steadfast fighters of our purpose.

We fight for:

Belarus as a sovereign nation

Freedom and independence

The European choice and integration with the civilized world

A parliamentary republic and self-governance

A state that supports its people

Democracy and a thriving civil society

Transparent governance

The rule of law

An independent judicial system

Equality and non-discrimination

Freedom of speech, choice, thought, conscience, and assembly

Truth, honesty, and justice

Respect for human dignity

Our native Belarusian language as the official language

National culture, history, and symbols

A market economy

Protection of private property rights

Despite the propaganda attempts, we, as Belarusians, have a clear vision of the future—a vision of a new Belarus, as outlined above. We know the kind of country we want to live in and the state we aim to build. We are aware of the reasons why we must succeed.

Today, the NAM celebrates its third anniversary. Yes, it has taken longer than our initial plans at the beginning of this journey. Nevertheless, we are confident that we are moving in the right direction. This means we have come three years closer to our goal—a new Belarus. We will not give up. We will not cease our efforts. We will reach our destination.

Long live Belarus!



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