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A mess in Lukashenka head or a well-thought-out trickery


August 17, 2023Lukashenko made a number of contradictory statements at a meeting with the Chinese Defence Minister. Let's try to figure out whether this is a trick or a stream of meaningless theses?

1. We are absolute supporters of territorial integrity and unity of the borders and territories established after the Second World War.

On the one hand, Lukashenko's regime is an aggressor and has violated international law, the UN Charter, having started the second phase of aggression against Ukraine together with Russia, i.e. violated the principle of inviolability of borders.

So today he says that Russia is guilty? Does it violate the principle of territorial integrity? Is it an attack against Russia? NO!

He speaks about the USSR, which means he is in favor of restoring the neo-imperialism within the borders of the USSR. But here he is also playing along with China on the Taiwan issue, because China's position is as follows: After the surrender of Japan in 1945, Taiwan returned to China.

2. We are absolute supporters of a multipolar world.

But in fact we are talking about a bipolar world. Previously, it was the two poles of the USSR and the USA.

Now he sees it as follows: USA/EU and China with Russia underneath and an appendix to that - the dictator Lukashenko himself.

3. We base our politics on a strong economy, strong diplomacy.

Obviously, it has neither a strong economy nor powerful diplomacy. All of this has become an adjunct of Russia.

4. All our cooperation, and it is very significant, will by no means be directed against third countries.

Military-technical cooperation is precisely directed against the third country that is Ukraine, because the technologies received from China allow it to produce weapons for Russia, which seeks to destroy Ukraine as an independent state.

5. The world is unstable, but through no fault of our own.

This statement looks comical and tragic.

Who is the aggressor and criminal is clear to the entire civilised world.

6. In this regard, we rely on our friends. And first of all the Russian Federation and China.

Russia has now become a friendly but not a brotherly country?

And this, most likely, is a message to the Kremlin that the dictator has one more support - China.

Lukashenko is so sly. But anyway, it is his policy that pulls us Belarusians to Asia and despotism, and tears us away from Europe, where the main things are human rights and democracy, where the main value is a human being.



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