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Are Russians threatened by mobilization in Belarus?

NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich on the air of "Malanka”

From the legal point of view, Russian citizens have no grounds to be mobilized in Belarus. The two countries have no treaties or regulations that would suggest this. Does this mean that the Russians are safe in Belarus? No.

There are reports that our country has already made attempts to track down the citizens of the Russian Federation, especially those who book hotels and rent apartments by the day. For now — to know their whereabouts.

But if necessary, they will most likely be arrested and extradited immediately. Moreover, the Russian security services themselves are in a position to reach out to their citizens: the relevant departments of the two regimes cooperate closely.

The interest of the regime in this respect is clear: Lukashenko uses all means to avoid directly entering into conflict and to avoid starting an extremely unpopular mobilization among Belarusians. Therefore, it will be easier for the dictator to continue cooperation with Russia on this issue. And it does not matter whether the law is violated or not.



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