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Belarus of my dreams

For many years we have heard propaganda about "brotherhood" and that "we can't go anywhere without Russia. But where did this path, this propaganda and pro-Russian policy of the Lukashenko regime lead us?

I will answer: to the almost 30-year dictatorship of Lukashenko.

Backward economy, development of which was deliberately held back by the dictatorship, trading instead and gradually selling our sovereignty in exchange for loans, subsidies and cheap energy from Russia. And passing this off as its "economic successes" — at a time when state-owned enterprises were falling deeper and deeper into decline and private business was being outright destroyed.

It was this trade and artificially created dependence on Russia that allowed the Lukashenko regime to remain in power all these years - and allowed it to forcibly retain power in 2020.

The price of this policy for Belarus was its transformation into a military training ground, Russian occupation, and involvement in the war against Ukraine. A war that would not have happened WITHOUT Russia and Lukashenko.

But this is where we come together with "brotherly" Russia. This is the point at which we are right now.

And at this point I want to ask you — did you dream of such a Belarus? Was the "brotherhood" with Russia and those cheap energy and loans which for years have stalled the development of our country and at the same time led it to occupation and war, worth it?

So what future do you dream of for Belarus now? With Russia and a pro-Russian regime in power — or a completely independent, free and democratic Belarus?

You know my answer.


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