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Belarus started checking the documents of those entering from Russia

Departure from Belarus to Russia along the M1 highway, the morning of May 5
Departure from Belarus to Russia along the M1 highway, the morning of May 5. Photo of an eyewitness

Temporary border control was introduced at the entrance to Belarus from Russia. Passports of those entering Belarus are checked. The information was confirmed by the State Border Committee

Checkpoints at the border between Belarus and Russia, checking passports of those entering the country, appeared on the Belarusian side. This information was confirmed by the Belarusian State Border Committee, the newspaper "Zerkalo.

Previously, "Flagstaff" wrote about the installation of "some teremkas at the checkpoints on the road from Belarus via Dobrush. According to "Zerkalo" sources, they are also installed on the M1 highway at the border. The border checkpoint consists of "a couple of trailers for border guards, four barriers" and "a barrier tape with spikes.

The hotline of the State Border Committee confirmed that such control will be at all major entrances from Russia.

— Yes, there are certain activities now. This is part of the implementation of the ratification agreement on mutual recognition of visas with Russia. This control is working on six major directions. It is only for entry. According to the representative of the CPC, it should be temporary, but it is not known when the control is over. "Until a special order," he said.

Telegram channels report that queues have indeed already appeared at the border. According to the "Rumours of Vitebsk" channel, a checkpoint also appeared on the highway between Liozno and Rudnya, with a queue lined up for several kilometers to the village of Kruglovka. Russians are checked particularly carefully.

The channel "MotolkoPomogi" reports, according to readers, that control is carried out for more than three hours, while "everyone is kicked out of the car, searched and their documents are recorded.

The publication was told in the State Border Committee, the control is set only at the entrance, "in accordance with the legislation on the border service. The agency says that this measure is temporary and will operate "until a special order.

Belarusian Telegram-channels report that this led to traffic jams at the border.

On March 18, 2023, Russia and Belarus lifted all mutual restrictions on movement between the two countries, which were imposed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Source of material: and insider



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