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Belarusians are being urged to join the Wagner group

The NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich provided information on the potential danger of such involvement:

“Those who engage in such "work" can face up to 10 years of imprisonment, depending on their achievements within Wagner's Private Military Company (PMC). If the individual is involved in murder, the sentence may be increased to 25 years or even life imprisonment.

Working for Wagner is illegal

There are specific legal provisions regarding the recruitment of mercenaries and participation in armed formations within foreign territories. If a Belarusian citizen participates in skirmishes in African states or commits murder, Belarusian authorities have the ability to initiate criminal proceedings if they choose to do so.

Lukashenko continues to allow Wagner presence in Belarus

Lukashenko does not interfere with the activities of their recruitment centers because he does not see the need to do so. Unlike Russia, Belarus does not have a separate office for Wagner. However, if they wish to conduct activities, they must adhere to the rules set by local security forces, with whom they consult. As long as their activities do not "cross the borders" (meaning they are not actively publicized in the media), they can safely recruit Belarusians.

Currently, there are approximately 300 Wagnerians in Belarus, primarily focused on training and sharing their experiences.


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