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Boycott of prosecutors or lack of political will in Europe?

Pavel Latushka, a representative of the United Transitional Cabinet for the transit of power, pointedly raised the issue of the unwillingness of European prosecutors to initiate criminal proceedings against the regime's punishers for far-fetched non-legal reasons.

On October 24, the NAM organized in Warsaw an international conference "Mechanisms of universal jurisdiction in European countries. Difficulties of application and opportunities for Belarusian cases". The event was attended by lawyers, human rights activists and politicians from Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Norway and Lithuania.

European authorities have been "expressing concern", "deep concern", "extremely deep concern" for 2 years now, while the counter of Lukashenko's crimes is winding up its terrible figures: more than 2600 persons involved in trumped-up cases. More than 1,500 testimonies of torture of Belarusians (only documented - as of October).

How to change the situation? The reaction of the Belarusians to the criminal inaction will be a memorandum which the participants of the conference will soon approve by collective decision and pass on to all international profile agencies.

This document is an attempt of representatives of thousands of victims of police brutality of the Belarusian dictatorship to achieve real results. We hope that our voice will be heard in Europe and, first of all, in the prosecutor's offices of the countries which consider themselves democratic.


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