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Can a representative of the UTC of Belarus simultaneously be a member of the Coordinating Council?

Press secretary of the NAM, member of the CC Artsiom Brukhan in an interview to Belsat TV channel

Is there a "conflict of interest" when a representative of the Joint Transition Cabinet is a member of the Coordinating Council, authorized to hear reports of the Cabinet?

Let's take the example of the European parliamentary republics. Most of their ministers, who represent the executive branch, are also members of parliament, the legislative body. Like other deputies, they speak at meetings and vote on the key issues of the country. It never occurs to anyone to say that they "listen to themselves," there is no "conflict of interest" in this.

If this practice exists in most of the European democracies that we target, why not in our configuration? Moreover, the only example of a European state where the minister has never been a deputy is Lukashenko's Belarus.

The Coordinating Council, even the reformed one, is not a parliament in the full sense of the word. It is a platform for debate and discussion of the key issues of the democratic movement. However, the deputies of the Coordinating Council can and must convey the positions of the structures that delegated them.

This is important in order to keep in touch with the people in the structures that are still in Belarus.



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