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Conference on the Belarusian Book Business

Source: NAM-media

The National Revival Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet is organizing a conference on the Belarusian book business, which is to be the founding meeting for the creation of the Belarusian Book Institute.

Alina Koushyk, representative of the national revival of the United Transitional Cabinet, Belarusian PEN Center, public campaign "Let's be Belarusians!" and Inbelkult 2.0 platform invite you to the conference "Institute of Belarusian Book: Dreams of Belarusians", which will take place in Warsaw, January 21.

In the conditions of incessant struggle against Belarusian books, when more and more Belarusian art and historical books are added to the list of "extremist materials," the conference will become a platform for searching qualitatively new solutions for preservation and development of Belarusian book industry as a basic element of national culture.

Participants of the conference will discuss topical issues of dissemination of the Belarusian book, its presentation in the international arena, formation of the Belarusian book market. In order to systematically solve these issues, the participants will discuss the possibility of creating a special institution — the Institute of Belarusian Book.

The conference will be held in a hybrid format. To participate as a discussion or round table organizer, a speaker or a listener it is necessary to register. To contact the event organizers:


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