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Congress or Dictatorship?

Are we ready to renounce democracy? Pavel Latushka about the Congress of Belarusians

Belarus is going through one of the most important historical periods before our eyes. In fact, the existence of our statehood is in jeopardy. The civilizational way of further development of the Belarusian nation and state is being determined.

Proceeding from the above, the team of the National Anti-Crisis Management has suggested earlier that a Congress of the Belarusians should be held, where strategic decisions should be discussed and adopted in order to protect the statehood and further development of independent Belarus.

Proceeding from the basic principles of democracy, it seems to be fundamentally important that during the preparation and conduct of the Congress, open and democratic procedures should be observed, among which the following should be highlighted

1. The Congress should be attended by elected delegates representing the Belarusian society. All other forms do not allow the Congress to have a representative function.

2. The agenda of the Congress shall be discussed as widely and publicly as possible in advance and shall be determined by a ranking vote.

3. To ensure maximum representation, it would be important to provide for the participation of about 1,000 delegates in Congress.

4. The Congress should be convened with the purpose of really uniting the citizens of Belarus for the protection of the Belarusian statehood.

5. Decisions at the Congress should be taken on the principle of obtaining the approval of the majority of the delegates.

To convene the Congress, we deem it important to form an organizing committee, which is suggested to include representatives of political and civic initiatives. The Coordinating Council may decide on the establishment of the organizing committee.

As a citizen of Belarus, I propose to include the following items in the agenda of the Congress

1. Establishment of the National Liberation Movement.

2. Formation of the National body of power of Belarus.

I am ready, as a politician, to be elected as a candidate for delegates to the Congress.

With a view to endow the Congress with the functions of a representative body, to take into account as much as possible the opinion of the Belarusian society, we propose to hold the Congress on the above-mentioned principles.


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