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Councils of Deputies should be elected by the people

The topic was discussed by Deputy Head of NAM, Artsiom Brukhan, during a conversation with Yury Hubarevich, responsible for regional development at NAM, on the "Personnel Reserve" channel. They addressed the peculiarities of working in local authorities and highlighted some concerning aspects.

During my work there, I noticed that the regional Council of Deputies often functions as an extension of the regional executive committee. In what sense? For instance, when it comes to approving the budget, it is not the deputies who create and schedule the budget. The various departments, such as the culture department, are responsible for crafting their respective budgets. Once these budgets are finalized, they are then submitted to the financial department for approval. Only after that can the decision be brought to the Council of Deputies. Essentially, the executive authority prepares the draft decision for the Council of Deputies. This situation is absurd, yet sadly true.

While there may be individuals brave enough to voice their concerns and call for change, they are not primarily there for such purposes. Instead, they often find themselves in a position where they simply sign, wave, vote, and press a button.

So, what needs to be changed? The key transformation should be that the regional Council of Deputies becomes a genuinely elected body that holds influence over the executive branch's work. The regional executive committee, as the executive body of power, will not alter its nature until the deputies are elected by the people, accountable to the people, and fulfill their roles as representatives rather than mere "yes-men."



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