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Declaration of Participation in the Elections for the Coordination Council

Joint statement by Pavel Latushka and Yury Hubarevich on participating in the elections for the Coordination Council

Pavel Latushka: "Belarusians should have the right to elect their representatives. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in Belarus. However, we now have the opportunity to elect our representatives through the Coordination Council elections. I call upon all of us to take part in these elections.

As a Belarusian politician, I am submitting my application to participate in the Coordination Council elections and express my gratitude to everyone who has joined our team. We have formed a coalition with the "For Freedom" movement, and we have also been joined by other public associations, bloggers, diplomats, lawyers, cultural figures, and entrepreneurs."

Yury Hubarevich: "The "For Freedom" movement supports the call for Belarusians to participate in the elections for the Coordination Council. Strengthening the representative institutions of democratic forces through elections is a natural and essential aspect of the democratic process and its development. After being deprived of the right to choose in our homeland for decades, Belarusians have finally been given the opportunity to elect their representatives."

Pavel Latushka: "Let's participate in the elections together. After 3.5 years of continuous struggle, it is important for us to understand that no one will solve our problems for us, Belarusians. Simultaneously, we must demand that our international partners adhere to the principle of 'nothing about us without us’.

The primary task of the new Coordination Council should be to defend the national interests of Belarus and the rights of Belarusians, as well as to influence decisions that may affect each and every one of us. I firmly believe that the democratically elected Coordination Council will also be in demand during the transitional period of changes in Belarus.

Your support is crucial to us! Support independence, responsibility, and freedom! Support us!"

Long live Belarus!




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