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End of foreign investments

The Lukashenka regime continues to react to the NAM campaign "Not a cent for war!": the so-called Minister of Finance began to openly threaten foreign business with racketeering

Recall that within the framework of the anti-war movement, the NAM is conducting the campaign "Not a cent for war!". Our goal is to achieve the suspension of foreign business activities in Belarus as in Russia, the elimination of the "Belarusian offshore" and the deprivation of the Putin and Lukashenkф regimes of resources to continue the war with Ukraine and the occupation of Belarus.

To date, we have sent more than 60 letters and succeeded in suspending the supply of Bosch products to Belarus. And the regime is already complaining about us to the Kremlin.

Yesterday, the so-called Finance Minister Seliverstov decided to go further and began to openly threaten foreign companies that decide to stop working in Belarus.

Shortly: the Lukashenka regime intends to engage in racketeering. He explains this by "a decrease in exports and foreign exchange earnings".

Why is the regime so afraid of being left without currency? Because he has nothing to repay his debts, because of which Belarus is already in a situation of inevitable default and collapse of the economy.

But Seliverstov does not say that the reasons for this are the mediocre economic policy of the regime, as well as its numerous crimes that led to the occupation of Belarus by Russia, drawing our country into a war with Ukraine and growing sanctions as a tool to bring the regime to justice.

Turning to threats and blackmail, the regime only confirms that the issue facing foreign companies is a matter of their values and maintaining their reputation. Which is worth far more than any benefits from doing business with a military aggressor.

Out answer to Seliverstov — thanks for the motivation! And we continue to work.

Every organization that aims to counter the regimes of Putin and Lukashenka, stop the war with Ukraine and the occupation of Belarus can support our campaign:

Not a cent for the war! Not a cent for the occupation!



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