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Martial law in Belarus

NAM Lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich about the consequences of martial law

After the dictator’s statement that the Belarusian army would enter into conflict with Ukraine on the side of Russia, no one had any illusions that the war that propagandists are constantly talking about, one way or another the Belarusians will be drawn in.

But today I want to talk not about assessing theories and probabilities, but what will happen to us if martial law is introduced from a legal and organizational point of view.

After all, the dictator constantly talks about war, but does not care at all about what will follow the procedure for introducing martial law.

In general, nothing new. Snow falls just as unexpectedly for utility workers every winter, and the government does not prepare the country for the COVID epidemic even two years after it began.

That's why we tell you what Belarusians need to know about martial law.

The grounds for introducing martial law on the territory of the Republic of Belarus are a military threat or attack. And this is not only direct armed aggression. The increased activity of foreign military personnel along the perimeter of the borders of Belarus is enough for a decision to be made about the existence of a reason to introduce martial law.

A decree is issued on the introduction of martial law. It specifies the grounds and time of commencement of martial law. By and large, one not very wonderful morning you can wake up in a country in which a number of restrictions on civil and economic rights have already been introduced.

And it is in these restrictions that the benefit for the regime lies from introducing martial law on the basis of some minor local conflict or even simply because of fears and suspicions that it may arise . And today there are plenty of such reasons.

During the period of martial law they can:

  • impose a curfew and censorship;

  • limit or prohibit movement both across the border of Belarus and within its territory and even a separate locality;

  • block or completely disable any type of communication;

  • limit or stop banking operations;

  • change working hours;

  • relocate the population and confiscate property;

  • suspend benefit payments;

  • revoke licenses and permits;

  • expropriate entire production premises and businesses.

You will be required to comply with all requirements of military authorities.

In total, the Martial Law contains more than 40 points of what you can limit, and this list is not closed.

Martial law is canceled if the grounds for its introduction no longer exist.

Thus, all life in the country for an indefinite period can be absolutely legally transferred to military rails.

You will have virtually no guaranteed rights left, except the right to life itself. Which, in the context of a possible armed conflict and mobilization of the population, also seems very doubtful.

We don’t want to scare you with the specter of war.

We remind you that Lukashenko is using all possible tools to make your life as difficult as possible in order to prolong his stay in power.

How to deal with this?

In all legal and safe ways for you. For example, make your ballot invalid during the upcoming so-called “referendum”. Having thus said that you are against the regime, against the groundless introduction of martial law and against any other lawlessness in Belarus. But first of all, say - you are against war!

How can we resist the prospect of martial law?



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