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Mass repressions started again in Belarus

The NAM lawyer Artsiom Proskalovich spoke on Malanka Live about the renewed mass repression in Belarus

The repression has resumed because the regime is trying to counteract the anti-war movement, which is very active in Belarus. We can see that the incident with the shooting of partisans on the railway was not given any attention at the Security Council meeting, although usually exposing conspiracies and detaining "extremists" is the No. 1 topic at such events. The regime is afraid to talk about it, they avoid airing these facts in the state media, because they are afraid to contribute to a new wave of struggles and protests.

It is Lukashenko who lays down the information emphasis in the propaganda agenda. If he does not raise such an issue, it means he does not want to draw attention to the fact that there is a partisan war in Belarus against the occupation and the regime that has usurped the power. The fact that this is being hushed up gives grounds to believe that the Belarusian people are doing everything right and pose a real threat to the regime. The MIA, KGB and GUBOPIK continue their punitive mission and the shocking footage of shot knees is their revenge for not having enough time to prevent all the actions on the railway.

No worth saying that the release of political prisoners is on the regime’s agenda. The release of political prisoners has always been part of the bargaining with the West, and as of today there is no dialogue and no preconditions for this bargaining to take place. We should not expect an amnesty for political prisoners in the near future.


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