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Meeting with Mariusz Kaminski, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland

Source: NAM-media

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and representatives of the United Transitional Cabinet met with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Kaminski

The meeting was also attended by Poland's Deputy Minister Bartosz Hradzecki, and on the Belarusian side — Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet, Pavel Latushko, and Cabinet representative for Foreign Affairs Valery Kavaleuski and Representative for Defense and National Security Valery Sahashzyk.

The following issues were discussed:

  1. Simplification of legalization and migration procedures for Belarusians. The Belarusian side asked for assistance in making the procedures more flexible and faster. A working group at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland has already been created and is active, which is engaged in solving migration issues of Belarusians in Poland;

  2. Issuance of alternative documents of a “New Belarus” — Poland supports the initiative on which the democratic forces are working on, creating alternative legally binding documents for Belarusians in Europe. This will help thousands of Belarusians who are in Europe that cannot return to Belarus and do not have proper documents;

  3. Support of Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine.

  4. The topic of bringing to justice those responsible for repression and the war in Ukraine.

  5. The internal situation in Belarus, the possibility of Belarusian troops entering the war and the possibility of supporting repressed Belarusians.


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