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Not a cent for aggression! Not a cent for Lukashenka!

What is happening with our ATM-exchanger-bank campaign and what can Belarusians expect from the Lukashenka regime in 2022?

The National Anti-Crisis Management is launching a series of video publications dedicated to the "ATM-Exchanger-Bank" campaign, the real state of affairs in the country’s financial system and the risks to the financial security of Belarusians posed by the regional crisis and Lukashenka’s regime.

In the first video, we will talk about the "Exchanger" — one of the 3 key components of our formula for economic protest and protection of our savings.

— At the end of 2021, Belarusians became net sellers of foreign currency. Does this mean that we began to trust the state and "turned the page" in economic resistance to the Lukashenka regime?

— Back to the "dashing 90s". What is happening with the purchase and sale of currency by Belarusians, is the regime ready to impose restrictions on foreign exchange transactions, and why is it better to spend only rubles on life today?

Are we ready to finance the plans of the dictator in conditions of military hysteria of the regime, the presence of foreign troops on our territory and the impending threat of a military conflict, into which the insane usurper is eager to draw our country?

— Not a cent for Lukashenka’s crimes. What can every Belarusian do to keep their savings and at the same time deprive the regime of an internal source of currency?

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