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On February 27, let us protest against the war

Lawlessness has reached the highest point. Lukashenka has dragged Belarus into Russia's war against Ukraine. Our country has been turned into a springboard for the invasion of the territory of a sovereign state.

If you are against the participation of Belarus in the military aggression and the presence of Russian troops on our territory, come to the polling stations on February 27 and protest.

We will meet at 14:00 near the polling stations. We are deciding the fate of the country, and it is no longer a question of a "referendum". It doesn't matter whether you were going to vote, put two crosses or ignore the referendum — now we must solidarily protest against the war and Belarus' complicity in someone else's aggression.

In order not to expose yourself to unnecessary danger, use the queues and visiting the polling station as a reason to be outside. If you've been given a ballot — put two crosses and put it into the ballot box. When possible, confirm your action on the Golos platform (via Telegram or Viber) — with or without a photo of the ballot paper on both sides.

What you can do now:

  • protect your loved ones and acquaintances from misinformation: tell them that Belarus has become complicit in Russia's attack on Ukraine;

  • talk to military relatives: make sure that they are not complicit in the aggression against neighbors;

  • state in an accessible form that you are against the war and your country's participation in the aggression.

This position is supported by all structures and civic initiatives that are part of the Operational Headquarters of Democratic Forces of Belarus.



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