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People's embassies were opened in Israel and Italy

On December 22, a press conference was held in Warsaw as part of a training seminar for People’s Embassies, organized by the National Anti-Crisis Management team (NAM).

Participants included Pavel Latushka — Deputy Head of United Transitional Cabinet & Head of NAM.

Uladzimir Astapenko — Deputy representative of the Cabinet for Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Head of NAM.

Representatives of the People’s Embassies of democratic Belarus in Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Scotland and other countries shared the details of their work and answered questions of Belarusians and various media outlets.

Uladzimir Astapenko announced the opening of two more representative offices in Israel and Italy, as well as the re-start of the work of the representative office in Ukraine in the near future.

On December 10, the independent volunteer initiative of the diaspora — the People’s Embassy of Belarus — celebrated its 2nd anniversary. During this period, they became full participants in the diplomatic work of democratic Belarus abroad.


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