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Poland, Lithuania and Latvia will close the border with Belarus?

Pavel Latushko about the possible closure of the borders with Belarus and the reasons that Lukashenka created for this

It is necessary to take as initial information that Lukashenka's regime is:

  • is an ally of Russia in the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine;

  • provided the territory of Belarus for aggression against Ukraine, as well as for rocket attacks on the territory of Ukraine;

  • assistance in the preparation of servicemen and those mobilized by the Russian Federation for subsequent participation in the war;

  • since 2021, has been waging an ongoing hybrid war using illegal migrants against all neighbors of the European Union member states and members of the North Atlantic Alliance;

  • invited PMC Wagner to the territory of Belarus, places them in various places on the territory of Belarus, moves them to areas bordering Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine;

  • permanently conducts exercises of the Armed Forces, including near the borders.

All of this, from the point of view of the neighbors, is actions aimed at creating threats to their security. And it must be understood that the decision to close the border, if it is made, will be based solely on the interests of ensuring the security of these states, which is a priority for every state in the world.

Today, Lukashenka has been given a very clear message - in the event that he continues to destabilize on the borders with NATO and European Union member states, these states will implement a closure border checkpoints.


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