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Power must pass into the hands of the people. On October 30, the II World Congress of Belarusians will be held online

The goal of the II World Congress of Belarusians is to discuss important topics for us, to show that we are together, we are strength, and we can achieve the dream that lives in each of us. Today we are writing the history that will become the history of the nation — the Belarusian people — and we must take responsibility for it.

You choose the topics and the experts who will discuss them — through a special form on the Congress website. You can both suggest what to discuss and decide whose thoughts you want to hear during the event.

Pavel Latushka, Head of the NAM, suggested discussing and outlining the main tools and actions that will lead us to a new Belarus:

  • the expediency of creating institutions of people’s power;

  • Achieving international non-recognition of Lukashenko and his government;

  • determination of the legal status of the dictator and his accomplices as criminals;

  • Preparation of the All-Belarusian strike;

  • Expanding the activism of Belarusians both at home and abroad, using the platform of the Peramoga plan;

  • Expanding forms of peaceful protest movement;

  • confronting the threat of a takeover of Belarus by Russia.

It is important that the Congress approve the resolution of strategic directions.

We invite all Belarusians to participate. Long live Belarus!


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