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Protection of democratic values

Vladzimir Astapenka
Vladzimir Astapenka Source: NAM-media

Representative of the NAM took part in "Mission to Peace" Global Summit, dedicated to resolving military conflicts

Vladzimir Astapenka, the Head of the NAM deputy took part in the Global Summit "Mission to Peace", organized in Dubai (UAE) by the largest private news agency WION (India).

At the summit, invited experts presented a detailed analysis of the current situation in the world and offered their answers to questions related to the resolution of armed conflicts, trade and digital restrictive measures, as well as ensuring global security in light of the threat of weapons of mass destruction.

The speakers of honor at the 5th session of the Global Summit included Abdullah Shaheed, President of the United Nations General Assembly; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former President of Iran; members of parliaments and governments of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, and Estonia; and representatives of the analytical and business communities from India, Ireland, UAE, Japan, and Zimbabwe.

In his speech, Vladzimir Astapenka stressed the importance of protection of democratic values, including the right of people to freely elect bodies of power, to ensure international security.

The experience of Belarus shows that the lack of effective mechanisms of international legal accountability for violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms leads to the commission of crimes against humanity and acts of international terrorism by the dictatorial regime. Lukashenko dragged Belarus into a war with Ukraine, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Belarusians oppose such aggression.

Vladzimir Astapenka is convinced that only the governments, formed with due regard for democratic principles, can conduct a responsible foreign and domestic policy and be accountable to civil society. Only on this basis should the global security architecture be developed.


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