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Recognition of the Lukashenko regime as a sponsor of terrorism

On July 27, Deputy Head of the Union Transitional Cabinet and Head of the National Anti-Crisis Managment Pavel Latushka met with Radosław Fogel, Chairman of the Commission on Foreign Affairs of the Seimas of the Republic of Poland and Jan Malitsky, director of the Center for Eastern European Studies.

One of the topics of the meeting was to consider the possibility of recognition by the Polish Sejm of the KGB and GUBOPik organizations as terrorist, and the Lukashenko regime as a sponsor of terrorism.

At the meeting, the justifications prepared by the experts of the NAU team were presented, which describe the terrorist activities of these organizations: the migration war against the European Union, the forced landing of a Ryanair aircraft, systematic attacks on the civilian population, etc.

The main purpose of the meeting was to transmit the report on crimes against humanity, published by the Center for Law and Democracy Justice Hub on July 26, in preparation of which the NAU team participated. This document actually substantiates the fulfillment of the criterion of international criminal law “that there are sufficient grounds to believe” that systematic and large-scale attacks against the civilian population of Belarus constitute crimes against humanity.

The Polish side was asked to support the mechanisms for bringing the Lukashenka regime to justice for crimes against humanity. The Chairman of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the Seimas of Poland expressed his readiness to discuss this proposal with the leadership of the Seimas.

Separately, the topics of threats to the Belarusian people, as well as neighboring countries of Belarus, related to the deployment of PMC Wagner mercenaries and nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus were touched upon.

A representative of the Polish parliament plans to discuss the situation in Belarus during the next meeting in September of the heads of the foreign affairs commissions of the EU parliaments.


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