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Ryanair flight incident: Lukashenko's regime should be recognized as terrorist

NAM team representatives Artsiom Praskalovich and Artsiom Brukhan in an interview with Malanka

The testimony of the escaped air traffic controller and the ICAO report became important evidence against the dictator. A number of countries are already looking into the air piracy case and are filing the first charges against regime officials. However, it is not the individual representatives of Belaeronavigatsia or the KGB that should bear full responsibility (although they certainly should, too). The whole regime and Lukashenko personally should be held accountable.

How to achieve it?

Tool one: further criminal prosecution within the national jurisdictions. For this purpose, it is necessary that the Boeing passengers apply to courts in their countries (in the first place, in Lithuania and Poland) on the rights of victims. Close work with the foreign ministries of these countries will also be necessary.

Tool two: the extrajudicial inclusion of representatives of the regime on the international list of terrorists, and of Belarus on the list of sponsors of terrorism. Our country would be recognized as unsafe, and therefore — flightless until the trial of the perpetrators. Any financial or other relations will be prohibited with the organizations that participated in the interception of the plane and their employees.

The second procedure is easier and quicker to implement than the first, but it will also take time and effort. You can help us speed up the process.

How to do it?


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