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Support the Free Belarus Museum

1.5% of Belarusians' taxes in Poland can go to support the Free Belarus Museum, a project of the National Anti-Crisis Management, which is a place of unity and creative cooperation of Belarusians.

Belarusians in Poland who are required to file a tax declaration (PIT) can allocate 1.5% of the total amount of taxes to support a specific NGO. You can send the amount in favour of the Free Belarus Museum through our partners - the "Młodzi - Młodym" Foundation.

How to do it? When completing the tax forms, you need to enter the following:

  • in item 147 - KRS number 0000270261;

  • in item 148 - 1.5%;

  • in item 149 - MUZEUM WOLNEJ BIAŁORUSI 18974 (it is necessary for our partners to know that the support is directed to us).

With your support, the Museum will be able to continue to reveal the names of Belarusian authors to the world, to arrange theater premieres and literary events, to surprise you with art exhibitions and outstanding concerts, to introduce you to new museum acquisitions, to inspire you with pages of Belarusian history and to tell you about contemporary Belarusian heroes.

Last year the Museum was visited by over 9000 people, dozens of Belarusian initiatives were supported, more than 150 events for children and adults were held. The Museum became a space where Belarusians generate new ideas, create and implement numerous projects.


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