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Suspension of the ILO membership of pro-government unions

Because of mass repressions against independent trade unions in Belarus, Pavel Latushka considers it a priority to achieve the suspension of membership of pro-governmental trade unions in the ILO

In connection with the large-scale repression launched against the independent trade union movement — searches in the office of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, the Free Trade Union of Belarus, the Free Trade Union of Metallurgists, the Belarusian Trade Union of Radioelectronics, the detentions of the BKDP chairman Aliaksandr Yaroshuk, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democratic Party of Belarus Siarhei Antusevich, chairman of the Union of Metalworkers Aliaksandr Bukhvostau, chairman of the Free trade union of Belarus Mikalai Sharakh and other activists, the Coordination Council adopted by a majority vote the statement "To stop persecution of the Belarusian independent trade unions".

As an addition to the statement Pavel Latushka initiated a proposal to apply to the International Labor Organization with a request to suspend the membership of the Belarusian pro-governmental trade unions, as they in no way protect the rights of workers in Belarus. This addendum was also supported by the Coordination Council vote.

The NAM also calls on the international democratic community to publicly protest strongly against the gross human rights violations in Belarus and to assess the actions of the Belarusian authorities, to use all possible means to put pressure on the regime and to impose additional sanctions for violations of trade union and labor rights in Belarus.


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