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"Take care, Belarus!"

Pavel Latushka and famous Belarusians have prepared a New Year's greeting that we hope will touch your hearts

To be at home. To be close to family, to the closest and dearest people. To be in the Motherland. To be safe. To be free. To be happy. To be healthy. To dream. To believe. These are such simple, ordinary things, but also so precious. 

And sometimes, they can feel unattainable, especially in our time.

But today, let's not dwell on that. Today is a holiday, a celebration of the very simple and precious things that no one can save for us except ourselves.

Therefore, my congratulations to all of you, Belarusians, wherever you may be, wherever you are waiting for the clock to strike 12, is this: take care of yourselves. Take care of what you have. Take care of those around you. Take care of all that you have managed to save, even if it isn't much. Treat it as the foundation to rebuild what has been lost when the time comes. Take care to live because as long as we live, hope lives, truth lives, our will lives, and Belarus lives!

Please, take care. Take care of each other.

Take care of your friends and colleagues.

Take care of your family, even if borders separate you.

Take care of your freedom and your longing for it.

Take care of your home, even if it is temporary.

Take care of your identity, your dignity, and your conscience.

Take care of what makes you who you are, what makes you Belarusians.

Take care of your truth and your consciousness.

Take care of love, for it has the power to save the world!

Take care and look after those who cannot care for themselves.

Take care of your well-being, even if you have to rebuild it from scratch.

Take care of your culture and your refined taste.

Take care of your native language and your national idea.

Take care of yourselves. Take care of Belarus.

Take care, Belarus!

Happy New year! 

The following individuals took part in the congratulation together with their loved ones:

Pavel Latushka, accompanied by his mother, Valiantsina Vasilyeuna, and his daughter, Yana;

Deputies of Pavel Latushka, members of NAM and the United Transitional Cabinet: Ambassador Uladzimir Astapenka, Artsiom Praskalovich, Artsiom Brukhan, and Yury Hubarevich;

Blogger Aliaksandr Khanevich, with his son, Aliaksandr;

Honored artist of the Republic of Belarus, "Kupalavets" Ihar Sigou, with his wife, Valeryia;

Activist Anna Fedaronak, with her daughters, Liza and Alexandra, and her grandchildren, Aryna and Andrei;

World Cup kickboxing champion, athlete Ivan Ganin;

Master of Belarusian national costumes and TV presenter Katsiaryna Vadanosava, with her son, Yan, and daughter, Stefania;

Editor-in-Chief of, Fiodar Pauliuchenka, with his wife, Volha, and daughter, Stefania;

Yulia Harachaya, head of the NAM media service, with her husband, Kanstantsin, and son, Ulad;

Aleh Kulesha with members of the Belarusian Association of Political Prisoners "DA VOLI;"

Honored Artist of Belarus Zoya Belakhvostsik and Honored Artist of Belarus Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu;

Euroradio editors Zmitser Lukashuk and Pavel Sviardlou;

Program director of "Malanka Media" Katsia Pytleva, with her daughter, Mira, and son, Yan;

Representative of the APC for defense and national security, reserve lieutenant colonel Valery Sakhashchyk, with his wife, Olga.



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