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The Adventures of “Agent Szmydt”

Pavel Latushka: Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

Almost 2.5 years of war have passed, but unfortunately, the West has not adapted to the anti-crisis thinking that corresponds to the times. It has never taken the security crisis and the threats emanating from Russia and the Lukashenko regime seriously. The case of Judge Tomasz Szmydt exemplifies this issue.

Tomasz Szmydt
Tomasz Szmydt at a press conference in Minsk. May 6, 2024. Photo: BELTA

Tomasz Szmydt, a former judge from Warsaw, announced his request for political asylum in Belarus on May 6, 2024, in Minsk. He claimed that he was persecuted in Poland for his independent views. His case received extensive coverage in the Belarusian media and was exploited by intelligence services as part of anti-Polish propaganda. In Poland, Szmydt was known for his involvement in a "hater scam" that triggered several investigations and discussions.


Intelligence agencies have always operated in different countries, and currently, the intelligence services of the Lukashenko regime and Russia are working proactively. Why? Because they have received a political assignment to destabilize the situation in Poland, Lithuania, the EU as a whole, and the West. This is being done due to the ongoing war waged by Russia and the Lukashenko regime against Ukraine.

In this context, Szmydt plays the role of a useful idiot, being used for anti-Polish and anti-Western purposes as part of the information and propaganda war against the "collective West." 

However, characters like Szmydt have a short lifespan. They are comparable to chewing gum that initially has flavor but quickly loses it and is spat out. In the end, Szmydt will likely meet the fate of a “one-night” propagandist. 

Lukashenko recently made the following statement regarding the former Polish judge: "We warned him (Szmydt): you can give a press conference and so on. But they killed Chechko, so you're putting yourself at risk."

Emil Czeczko
Emil Czeczko. Video screenshot. Source:

Emil Czeczko was a Polish soldier who crossed the border into Belarus in December 2021, seeking political asylum due to disagreement with Poland's policies towards the migration crisis and treatment of refugees. After crossing the border, Czeczko claimed in an interview that he witnessed mass killings of migrants by Polish security forces. In March 2022, he was found hanged in Minsk.


Who killed Czeczko? Who are "they"? It is clear that Lukashenko is hinting at Poland, using such a cheap propaganda tactic. Both Szmydt and we understand that these accusations are baseless. However, the former judge should be concerned after these words. It is not the first time Lukashenko has eliminated witnesses.

On the other hand, if Szmydt is indeed a real spy, the problem becomes more significant. If he possesses substantial information, then after using it to discredit and tarnish Poland, Lukashenko may hand it over to Russia. He has already stated that Putin is interested in this story. Russia will surely find a use for such information, if it hasn't already.

What conclusions can be drawn from the adventures of "Agent Szmydt"? During war, underestimating the enemy is a grave mistake. More importantly, it is crucial to clearly understand who your allies and enemies are during a war.

From the perspective of Russia and the Lukashenko regime, the enemy has long been identified—it is the West and democracy itself. They will unite and fight against it using all available means. However, in the West, there still seems to be a lack of such clear understanding and a cohesive strategy of action.



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