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The application of universal jurisdiction mechanisms in Germany

Source: NAM-media

NAM experts held a round table with human rights activists in Berlin on the application of universal jurisdiction mechanisms in Germany

NAM lawyers organized a meeting of a Belarusian torture victim with German human rights activists. A large specialized international organization in Berlin is ready to handle the documents of our compatriot. The victim will be defended by a professional lawyer.

Germany is well-known for its experience in the sphere of universal jurisdiction. German law-enforcement agencies have a special department dealing with terrorism, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Berlin experts are confident that the Belarusian case definitely falls into the category of the latter and can be treated accordingly.

Together with our German partners, we expect that, on the basis of the available evidence, the judicial authorities of Germany will launch an investigation into the crimes of the Lukashenko regime, similar to the investigations into Russian war crimes in Ukraine and the Syrian precedent, when a former member of the country's security services was declared wanted, captured and convicted.

*Names and names of organizations are not published for security reasons.


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