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The Kupalaucy in Düsseldorf

The Free Kupalaucy theater continues its touring activities, this time representatives of the troupe performed in Germany. The monodrama "Moj Hleb" by Zoya Belakhvostsik, a member of the Free Kupalaucy troupe, was shown in Düsseldorf.

Zoya Belakhvostsik, who gave her 38 years to the Janka Kupala Theatre and played more than 100 performances on its stage, told the audience of the Dumont Lindemann Theatre-Museum about the fate of five generations of the theatrical dynasty, the Kupala Theatre, about her work in the reality of exile and about her sources of inspiration, which give her the strength to believe that everything will end well.

The event was organized with the financial support of Pavel Latushka's team - the National Anti-Crisis Management, and the Free Belarus Museum. 

The Kupalaucy met with the Belarusian community "North Rhine Westphalia" (NRW), at whose invitation they visited the federal states of Düsseldorf.

Dear Belarusians abroad, if you also want to see this touching performance in your city, please contact the social networks of the Kupalaucy group (Instagram, Facebook) to organize the event.

We remind you that the YouTube channel, social networks and the logo of our beloved Kupalaucy have been recently declared extremist by the Belarusian regime. Please take care of your safety and use VPN.


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