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«The purpose of Lukashenka's draft Constitution is to keep him in power forever»

Pavel Latushka commented on the published draft amendments to the Constitution

  • What kind of «referendum» are we talking about if Lukashenka appoints it, if there are thousands of political prisoners in Belarus, tens of thousands of repressed, independent media are blocked, when signatures in support of independent candidates are dismissed?

  • The so-called All-Belarusian People's Assembly is a fifth leg in the system of state administration.

  • The draft Constitution is a failure of the people's demands. Lukashenka introduces a triple cordon of protection to nullify his term and rule for another 13.5 years.

One single law needs to be passed in Belarus - to schedule a new presidential election.

Democratic forces are urging Belarusians to come to the polls during the «referendum» and show their opposition to Lukashenka's crime of placing crosses against all options on the ballot, making it invalid.

The Voice platform for the «referendum»

*If the referendum poll in the bot doesn't start, enter the command /referendum



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