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The UN Security Council ruled the forced landing of the Ryanair Boeing illegal

NAM lawyer Artem Proskalovich in an interview to Malanka Media

"What is happening in the UN Council these days is just another "recognition of the merits" of Lukashenko's regime, but at a global level. As a result of the discussion, we expect a resolution condemning the actions of Minsk, which we will study carefully and expect to use as a new important argument in negotiations with partners.

The Lukashenko regime as a whole and its individual agencies in particular should be recognized as terrorist.

Law enforcement agencies of Western countries, with which we are negotiating criminal proceedings against representatives of the regime, keep waiting for some "additional information" confirming the criminal nature of their actions. The Ryanair case is just one example.

By comparison, the available evidence base and the presence of their own citizens on board was enough for the U.S. judicial authorities to bring criminal cases, threatening boarding with terms of up to 10 years.

We expect more determination and initiative from all other partners. Failure to respond to Europe's largest crackdown in decades leads to a sense of impunity for the Lukashists, which has already made possible an act of air piracy in violation of all aviation security laws, the use of illegal migrants as hybrid weapons, and, ultimately, complicity in a war of aggression against Ukraine.

We hope that this Security Council resolution will give European investigators and politicians the answer to the question, "What is Lukashenko dangerous to the democratic community?”


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