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Victory Factor

Remove Lukashenko, Putin's main ally

Pavel Latushka as a representative of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus on the transit of power took part in the XXXI Economic Forum in Karpacz (Poland), the largest forum in Eastern Europe. The forum was attended by 5 thousand representatives of governments, parliaments, civil sector and media.

The main theses of Pavel Latushka's speech:

  • Russia will not achieve its goals in Ukraine and the Ukrainian people will defend their independence and statehood from the aggressor and restore the territorial integrity of their country;

  • only the removal of Lukashenko's regime from power will enable the Belarusians to defend and restore their sovereignty and implement the necessary democratic changes;

  • We call on all our partners to fully support our struggle for freedom from Lukashenko's dictatorship and Russian occupation, for independence and democracy now;

  • We must now remove the first obstacle to the liberation and democratization of our country — the Lukashenko regime. Not to mention the obvious — the loss of this ally, Russia's loss of the Belarusan bridgehead may become the factor that will allow Ukraine to win much faster.

Pavel Latushka met with politicians and public figures of Poland, Ukraine, Germany, France, Czech Republic and other countries. Also Pavel Latushka gave interviews to many media including TVP World, Polsat News, TVN24 BIS, WPN, Radio Zet, ZDE, Channel 24, Belsat and others.

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