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Volfovich plays war

Pavel Latushkа: Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

Provocations are recorded at the borders every day, intelligence activity is growing, drones are circling along the state border and periodically flying into the country... Do you think this is the plot of an action movie? No, this is another series of concepts of threats to Belarus authored by General Volfovich.

The Secretary of State of the Security Council of Belarus, General Volfovich, noted in a recent interview that the intensity of all types of reconnaissance against Russia and Belarus has increased: "Reconnaissance aircraft make about 30-35 sorties a week. By actively exploring the airspace of states adjacent to our country, the alliance is working on issues of combat use of aviation. Flights of American strategic bomber aircraft are systematically carried out, entering the airspace of Poland and the Baltic countries, during which missile and bomb strikes are practiced against targets on the territory of the Union State, including nuclear ones."

Lukashenko at the Security Meeting on October 10, 2022
Lukashenko at the Security Meeting on October 10, 2022 Source:

American planes are already practically hovering over Belarus, and drones invading Belarus, which Volfovich is actively monitoring, strongly outrage the general. What is the conclusion and solution to the problem? According to Volfovich, there is only one - the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

In October 2022, Lukashenko announced "Poland's desire to rattle nuclear weapons": "Duda already said yesterday. This has been worked out for a long time. Putin and I discussed this when we were talking about airplanes and nuclear weapons. They agreed with the Americans long ago that the arsenals would be in Poland. What does this mean? That we are really facing an attack with tactical nuclear weapons. We need to take action."

A targeted attack with tactical nuclear weapons from Poland on Lukashenko and Volfovich never took place. Just as tactical nuclear weapons, which the dictator was concerned about, did not appear at all on the territory of Poland. 

So why does it exist now in Belarus? What threat from Poland was the "master of preemptive strikes" talking about then, if Poland still does not have nuclear weapons, but they have appeared in Belarus? The answer to another non-existent threat?

Lukashenko probably believes that the presence of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus will increase his international weight. However, like Lukashenko himself, he and Volfovich are silent about a significant fact: no one is going to give an unbalanced dictator control over tactical nuclear weapons.



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