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What did the NAM team achieve in 2023?

What did we manage to do in 2023?

☑️ The NAM team issued the first six international wanted notices for representatives of the Lukashenko regime, including the heads of the Okrestina and Zhodino prisons. The NAM team continued to support the cases of numerous Belarusians in countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and others.

☑️ The NAM team submitted two communications to the International Criminal Court in The Hague and provided materials to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, confirming Lukashenko's involvement in war crimes. The information provided by the NAM team was supported by a report from Yale University. We also submitted information about children who were illegally displaced to the Ombudsman of Ukraine and presented the materials at the events of the Assembly of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in New York. A criminal case was initiated in Ukraine against Alexey Talai, an accomplice in the crime of illegal deportation of children.

☑️ The NAM team represented Belarus at the European Games. We participated in the opening ceremony of the III European Games in Krakow as part of the Belarusian delegation, which included representatives of the United Transitional Cabinet, the NAM team, and free Belarusian athletes.

☑️ The Senate of the Czech Republic recognized the KGB and GUBOPiK as organizations that support terrorism.

☑️ A number of resolutions were adopted by the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Bundestag, the Senate of the Czech Republic, and other entities based on materials prepared, among others, by the NAM team. Belarusian women were represented in international meetings, made presentations at the European Parliament and the Council of Europe, participated in international forums, and held meetings with heads of governments and parliaments, ministers, and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Lithuania, Germany, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Austria, and other countries. Working groups on interaction with the EU and the USA have been established.

☑️ The Center for Eastern European Studies of the University of Warsaw launched the 4th set of the "New Personnel for a New Belarus" program, which was created in 2020 with the support of the National Anti-Crisis Management.

☑️ The NAM team played a role in the adoption of a resolution by the European Parliament on the release of political prisoners in Belarus. We also prepared analytical and expert conclusions on foreign policy, the internal situation in Belarus, international law, and Belarusian "legislation."

☑️ We prepared several reports, including one on crimes against humanity committed by the Lukashenko regime, a report on threats to the Union State, and a report on the persecution of Belarusians living abroad by the Lukashenko regime.

☑️ The NAM team held meetings with representatives of Belarusian civil society and the Belarusian diaspora, resolving issues related to the legalization of Belarusians abroad and problems faced by Belarusians due to forced migration. We provided assistance to numerous Belarusians in individual cases related to visa support, legalization issues, and the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border.

☑️ We provided material assistance, including donating a cross-country car to Belarusian volunteer fighters in Ukraine and collecting over 15,000 euros to support them. NAM team also gathered over 4.5 thousand euros to assist the families of political prisoners.

☑️ The NAM team compiled a list of 179 athletes affiliated with the power and military structures of the regime to prevent their participation in international competitions, including the 2024 Olympic Games.

☑️ The NAM team's social media pages received over 72 million views throughout the year. They maintained 17 social media pages to provide objective information to Belarusians and foreign partners. They also established cooperation with international and world media outlets, such as Associated Press, Reuters , The Telegraph , RFI , The Wall Street Journal , The Washington Post , PAP , AFP , Ukrinform and others.

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National Anti-Crisis Management:

The results of the work of the Museum of Free Belarus, a project of the National Anti-Crisis Management, are as follows:

☑️ More than 150 events were held, with over 8,500 participants, including three meetings of the United Transitional Cabinet and several meetings of the Coordination Council.

☑️ More than 40,000 euros in sponsorship was attracted to support the activities of the Museum and Belarusian culture.

☑️ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and the National Center of Culture, in the presence of the Vice Prime Minister of Poland and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, donated posters from the "White-Red-White" collection to the Museum.

☑️ The Museum established partnership relations with the German Embassy in Poland, the Delegation of Flanders and the Baltic countries in Poland, and the Canadian Embassy. Cooperation was also established with various organizations, including the Mieroszewski Centre, the Old House of Culture, and the National Institute of Museums.

Results of the work on sanctions pressure:

☑️ The EU, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, and other countries imposed sanctions against more than 340 individuals and dozens of organizations associated with the Lukashenko regime

☑️ Proposals were prepared to improve the sanctions policies of the EU, USA, and other countries, including the harmonization of sanctions against the Lukashenko regime and Russia, trade regulation measures, and financial restrictions. Over 100 letters were sent to partners.

☑️ A campaign was conducted to counter lobbying efforts to weaken sanctions on potash fertilizers, resulting in the maintenance of sanctions on potassium.

☑️ Analytical documents were developed and sent, providing an analysis of the consequences of current sanctions and proposing measures to increase efficiency while minimizing "side effects."

 A special "recognition" of the importance of our work: during the year, the Belarusian regime opened five new criminal cases against members of the NAM team, and the property of NAM team members was seized. Throughout the year, we received at least ten threats of physical harm and dozens of threats of violence.

However, the National Anti-Crisis Management will not cease its work. Throughout this year, we have labored for the benefit of Belarusians and for the future democratic, European, and independent New Belarus. We will persist!

We would be grateful for your support of our work. If you would like to help NAM, please refer to the link.

Long live Belarus!



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