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"White Russia" - the new NSDAP?

The recent statement by Oleg Romanov, chairman of the newly created party "Belaya Rus", gives serious reason to think - not only to Lukashenko's inner circle, but to a much larger number, probably to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people.

And Mr. Romanov stated that Belaya Rus, with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo, intends to participate in the illegal removal of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories. That is, in war crimes.

We understand in what context and for what purposes this statement was made. As well as the nature of its appearance. This is a classic mafia approach of Lukashenko, who is aware of the inevitability of responsibility for the crimes he has committed and seeks to smear as many people as possible with them.

And of course the Belaya Rus party, which has openly proclaimed its 100% commitment to its mustachioed leader, fits this purpose perfectly. After all, as they say, a bird's eye is a bird's-eye, so the time has come to prove their loyalty in deed. Therefore, there is no doubt that the order to make such a statement to the chairman of Belaya Rus came directly from the Palace.

Well, everything is clear with the leadership of the party. These people will do whatever the dictator tells them to do.

But what is the rank-and-file of the party now to think?

Before it was turned into a party, Belaya Rus was probably the largest public association in the country, with a membership of about two hundred thousand people. Membership in Belaya Rus, in the best traditions of the dictatorship, was in the so-called voluntary-forced order, following the principle "well, if they want it, then join, it is just a formality.

Today, it is probably the largest "party" in Belarus. Members of the former public association have migrated to it according to the same principle, and continue to do so.


It is to them I want to ask a question today. Did you expect that once, "purely formally" joining the ranks of Belaya Rus, today you will find yourself in the position in which you are put by the party leadership and the mustachioed leader? After all, today your party is on the path to committing war crimes, crimes against children. And membership is no longer a formality. It is potential responsibility for war crimes.

Do you remember the most favorite phrase of the silent doers in Lukashenko's system - "well, you understand"? Today all of you should think hard and answer yourselves - do you really understand?

In Nazi Germany, there was also a party of the leader - the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Do you know how it ended? After the defeat of Nazi Germany and the collapse of the Reich, the NSDAP was declared criminal, banned and disbanded. Its ideology was declared one of the main causes of the war. Its assets were confiscated, its leaders and not only leaders were condemned and some even executed. Many had to flee to South America. By the way, can you afford such an escape? Subsequently, most of the former members of the NSDAP were subjected to special checks, lustration and were deprived of their positions. So how do you feel about that prospect?

So do you understand exactly, current and future members of the NSDAP named after Lukashenko, where you ended up? Did you go there, when you "just" joined, "formally, for a tick" or because your superiors demanded it? War crimes?

What do you do now? Turn in your party tickets, if you have them, now. And if you don't, don't get them. Don't become the new Nazis.

To Mr. Oleg Romanov, so-called chairman, I will say only one thing - your statement and attempt to blur the responsibility of Lukashenko, the attempt to distract and dilute attention from the already launched process, which is bound to bring your master under trial - all this is in vain. Our aim is not off. Our current target remains the same, and that is the warrant for Lukashenko's arrest.

However, both you and the members of your party should understand that all the documents of Belaya Rus, all the protocols, are sure to become the subject of the most thorough examination. If not today, then in the near future.

Justice is inevitable. Live Belarus!



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