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You can't introduce business in aggressor countries

NAM spokesman Artem Brukhan on Malanka about the "Not a cent for war" campaign

Our campaign 'Not a cent for war' is aimed at making everybody understand that one cannot do business in the countries which directly participate in the attack on Ukraine and in the killing of its people. The campaign is primarily concerned with the moral and ethical aspect of doing business. Brands that continue to operate in Belarus are actually financing the missiles and planes that are bombing Ukrainian cities.

Sooner or later the question will arise: "Why did you continue to operate on the territory of the aggressor, continued to finance the war?" It is a question of responsibility to the Ukrainian people who are now heroically fighting for their freedom. If this fact alone is not enough, we must urge these companies to make a choice.

There are already first results: Bosch announced the cessation of work in Belarus. At the same time, we expect that in the future these companies will continue their operation in the new Belarus, in conditions of a free and favourable business climate, which will make our economy stronger and the companies even more successful.

We are trying to widen as much as possible the circle of companies we address and urge everyone to join this initiative.

In our telegram channel we have a list of companies and links to their social networks where you can publish your appeals. Together we can make a difference.



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