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About Us

The National Anti-Crisis Management was established in October 2020 as a response to the widespread and systematic repression of civil society in Belarus and the brutal suppression of peaceful protests. It is a coalition of experts and professionals who possess unique skills and competencies aimed at advancing the goals of the broader Belarusian democratic movement.

The National Anti-Crisis Management has established an effective communication system with the Belarusian population, the diaspora abroad, and international partners. Approximately 50% of the experts remain anonymous due to safety concerns and to prevent any influence on the content of the materials being prepared.


Our work is guided by the following objectives:

  • Developing ready-made decisions for sanctions policies targeting the Lukashenko regime, including national and supranational, economic, and personal sanctions.

  • Formulating and implementing legal initiatives to ensure justice for those responsible for crimes committed against the Belarusian people.

  • Conducting analyses of the prevailing political, economic, and social situation in Belarus, which involves preparing analytical notes, reviews, reports, and media appearances.

  • Preparing recommendations aimed at safeguarding the national interests of Belarus and its people.

  • Crafting proposals to facilitate democratic transformations in Belarus for the part of society aligned with national and democratic values.

  • Developing strategic proposals for Western partners concerning the Lukashenko regime.

Key NAM experts

The NAM team consists of highly qualified professionals in their respective fields.


Our experts undergo a rigorous selection process that evaluates their knowledge, experience, and security clearance. Each candidate undergoes qualifying stages to confirm their professional competence and adherence to ethical principles.


Pavel Latushka

Deputy head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador, Ex-Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus

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Only public experts holding prominent positions within NAM are featured on our website.


For security reasons stemming from the actions of the Lukashenko regime and to prevent any undue influence on the content of our work, approximately half of our employees remain undisclosed.


This underscores our commitment to maintaining the integrity and responsibility of our expert pool.


Vladzimir Astapenka

Responsible for Foreign Policy

Deputy Head


Artsiom Brukhan


Deputy Head


Yury Hubarevich

Responcible for Regional Development


Natallia Zadziarkouskaya

Responsible for socio-cultural issues


Yauheni Malashuk

Expert in web design projects, digital/multimedia and information resources
Web/multimedia management expert and webmaster.


Angelika Melnikova

Strategic Planning Officer

Economic and Sanctions Department

  • A strategy of economic pressure has been developed and adopted by the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus.

  • More than 30 analytical materials and sanctions packages have been sent to authorized bodies in the EU, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, Ukraine, and others.

  • Over 340 individuals associated with the regime are included in pan-European and national sanctions lists.

  • Evidence has been collected and personal sanctions have been proposed against over 200 judges of the Lukashenko regime.

  • Sanctions proposals have been submitted to the authorized bodies of the European Union, including the European Commission and the European External Action Service, as well as to Great Britain, the USA, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, and others. In total, 90 letters were sent from November 2022 to December 2023.

Legal Department

  • Two communications regarding Lukashenko's war crimes, specifically the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children from occupied territories, have been submitted to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

  • Assistance has been provided in the preparation of a report on crimes against humanity in Belarus.

  • Advocacy has been carried out to hold Lukashenko responsible for the crime of aggression.

  • Support and promotion have been organized for over 50 applications for universal jurisdiction in Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland.

  • Assistance has been provided in the matter of putting six individuals involved in committing crimes against humanity on the international wanted list.

  • Cooperation has been established with various lawyers, law offices, and human rights organizations, including WILIŃSKI LEGAL, KOPEC & ZABOROWSKI, Matas B., and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights.

Strategic Analysis Department

  • Analysis of the current external and internal political and socio-economic situation in Belarus.

  • Development of strategic documents.

  • Preparation of information, analytical materials, reports, and positions in the fields of economics, foreign policy, international and national law, etc., for a wide audience and international partners.

  • Preparation of analytical materials highlighting the importance of creating the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus to unite representatives of democratic forces.

  • Development of conceptual proposals for organizing elections to the Coordination Council.

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NAM Analytical Center

The uniqueness of NAM's expertise lies in the fact that we employ specialists who have extensive experience working within the public administration system, including various ministries and departments of Belarus, as well as local governments. This allows them to possess insider knowledge of the regime system.


 We have prepared the following reports:

  • “The Role of the Lukashenko Regime and the Union State in the Program for the Illegal Deportation and Re-education of Children from Ukraine.”

  • “The Union State as a Cover Instrument for Russia's Imperial Policy.”

  • “Systemic Discrimination, Human Rights Violations, and Political Repression by the Lukashenko Regime Against Belarusian Citizens Living Abroad and Ways to Overcome it.”

  • “Sanctions Pressure on the Lukashenko Regime (2020-2023)“ (link to the document)

Media about NAM

NAM’s own channels and work with global media

NAM actively engages in information work, which is a crucial aspect of our team's activities.

The main objectives of the NAM media team include:

  • Combating regime propaganda by disseminating reliable information about the regime's criminal activities and highlighting efforts to counteract it.

  • Communicating the real situation in Belarus to foreign partners through social media channels.

  • Creating an agenda that compels the regime to respond to the activities of Belarusian democratic forces. 

The NAM media team, led by Pavel Latushka, manages 20 channels on various social networks, generating relevant content for diverse audiences, ranging from YouTube to TikTok. Our publications, articles, interviews, and comments collectively amass over 10 million monthly views.

Over the past year, the organic views on Pavel Latushka's and NAM's resources have exceeded 100 million. Our agenda has garnered attention not only from European media but also from media outlets in South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Paraguay, and others.

We adhere to principles of honesty and transparency, avoiding the use of artificial methods to increase our audience. It is particularly noteworthy that approximately 70% of our audience resides in Belarus, according to analytical data.

Among all non-media Belarusian democratic structures and organizations, we occupy one of the most active positions within the media landscape. Pavel Latushka and NAM employees conduct around a hundred interviews with Belarusian and foreign media outlets each month. Most of these interviews are with independent Belarusian media, as well as popular media from Ukraine and Poland. Additionally, our interviews are regularly published in major global media outlets in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, and others. This highlights our commitment to openness and our willingness to collaborate with diverse media platforms that seek to disseminate objective and relevant information.

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