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Офис Светланы Тихановской

Office of the national leader of Belarus  Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya


Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

Объедененный переходный кабинет Беларуси

Temporary executive body created by national leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

The United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus

Координационный совет Беларуси

A representative body of the Belarusian people. 

Coordinating Council

People's Embassies of Belarus

The opening ceremony of the People’s Embassies of Belarus will take place on December 10th 2020. The People’s Embassies is an initiative of the "Belarusians Abroad" to create alternative representations of democratic Belarus by the Belarusian diaspora, because of the loss of legitimacy of the current regime in the country.

Project “Zubr” — Civilian Platform for Observing Authorities 

During the presidential elections, the "Zubr" collected 5350 reports of possible violations from more than 1200 polling stations during the voting period. The evidence base that we have collected with the names and identification data of the PEC members was transferred to the initiatives involved in initiating the Magnitsky Act in Belarus.

Malanka Media

Media hub for daily coverage of civil society activities and initiatives.

  • Daily digests

  • Political analytics

  • Live broadcasts

  • Final weekly releases

  • Interviews with public figures

Initiative *Honest People

An open community of citizens of Belarus who are ready to take responsibility for its future. The goal of honest people is to build a full-fledged civil society in the country.

Community *Honest people know that the United platform "Voice" and "Zubr" gathered direct evidence of multiple violations and fraud presidential election 2020. in addition, the community is implementing a number of projects aimed at work Belarusian officials, workers, students and teams of volunteers, and also support of people affected because of their citizenship.

Project "Dialogue with the People"

A oint project of the community *Honest People and the National Anti-Crisis Management, which provides civil servants with the opportunity to safely and, if necessary, anonymously support peaceful change and popular demands.

The aim of the project is to attract honest officials and civil servants to the side of the people and the law;civil servants to the side of the people and the law.

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation

The Belarusian Sports Solidarity Foundation began its activities in response to the massive repression of sportsmen by the Belarusian authorities.

The Foundation is engaged in the protection of the rights and interests of sportsmen, and also provides assistance to sportsmen, coaches and sports specialists who have suffered from the open expression o

A Country to Live is a foundation organized on the initiative of Siargei Tsikhanousky and with the help of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

One of the important areas of our activity is the monthly support of families of political prisoners with children.

Our goal is an honest and fair Belarus, free from violence, lawlessness and lies — a real country for life.

Project-chronicle of the Belarusian protest "Every Day"

"Every Day" is a project-chronicle of the Belarusian protest, based on the materials of independent media and on the stories of each of us. This chronicle will become the basis for an interactive textbook on the history of the new Belarus.
Podcasts and special projects of "Every Day" help to look at current and historical events from different sides in order to better understand them, trace cause-and-effect relationships and together build the foundation for a New Belarus.

The project "The City in chains"

Over one year of protests, according to various sources lmore than 35 thousand people were detained. There is much more behind this figure. Each detainee is about a dozen injured relatives and friends.

Look at how quickly the numbers of victims grew. If we stop now, sooner or later it will affect each of us.

Belarusians Abroad

Belarusians Abroad — a community of citizens and immigrants from Belarus who permanently or temporarily live outside and are united with the aim of restoring and developing institutions of civil society and democracy in Belarus.

The Community is based on the understanding that Belarusians living abroad want to help their people and Belarus on a volunteer basis. The main resource of Community is the knowledge and experience of project managers, lawyers, programmers, analysts, auditors, designers, scientists, teachers and doctors, as well as representatives of other important professions who are ready to give their time to achieve a common goal.

Belarusian Cultural Solidarity Fund

The Fund aims is to transform the energy of national change and international solidarity into a quality development of the cultural sector.
Key objectives and activities of the fund:

  • Supporting cultural figures during a period of acute political crisis and repression

  • Generation of ideas for cultural development

  • Developing strategies for reforming the cultural sectoк

  • Development of international partnership in the field of culture

  • Development of mechanisms for cultural policy in new Belarus

  • Promotion of Belarusian culture in the country and abroad


The community is fighting with the propaganda of the regime of the dictator Lukashenko on the Internet.

The victory over the propaganda of the regime is one of the most important tasks for achieving the set goal of overthrowing Lukashenko and democratizing the Belarusian society.
Our community is people who are not ready to endure lies, hostility and humiliation of the people of Belarus on TV screens and on the Internet.


UBCR is a single archive of data of criminals and evidence of crimes. The task of the platform is to collect verification materials on statements of crimes that will be used by future Belarusian judicial authorities and international legal organizations to prepare criminal cases and pass a fair sentence within the framework of Belarusian and international law.

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