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Lukashenka is the Poles' best friend

On Friday (October 6, 2023), either a marshal or a sub-colonel named Lukashenko again dressed himself in military uniform and flew to the Brest region to inspect a military facility with a pompous name "Knot of Resistance".

Who is Lukashenko resisting, with whom is he going to fight? Who is at risk of “unacceptable harm”? But while answering questions from propagandists, the mustachioed warrior made a slip of the tongue: “we didn’t think then that we would have to fight, that everything would be peaceful, but it turned out not.”

And it turned out to be true. And how did this happen? It accidentally happened? Or maybe on February 24 last year it was not Lukashenko who allowed the strike group of Russian troops to enter northern Ukraine? Maybe it wasn’t Lukashenko who provided her with all the necessary logistical and infrastructural support? Maybe it wasn’t Lukashenko who allowed more than 800 missile strikes on Ukraine? Was it not Lukashenko who handed over equipment to the Russian army, supplied and continues to supply cartridges and ammunition, and teach the Russian mobilized? Maybe it’s not Lukashenko who kidnaps Ukrainian orphans? Why were they orphaned?

Can he answer?

Or maybe a year before, in the spring of 2021, it was not Lukashenko who organized a migration crisis, a hybrid attack on the borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland?

Or maybe all this didn’t happen at all? After all, Lukashenko didn’t talk about anything like that on Friday. Instead, he talked, for example, about how he didn’t want Poles to think that “Lukashenko is an enemy of Poland.”

Lukashenko thinks he will be able to turn the page? After all, seriously, all these “pro-Polish” statements by Lukashenko can be translated as follows: “let’s turn the page and pretend that nothing happened. Recognize me as president, and maybe I’ll stop terrorizing you.”

But no one will recognize him or forgive him anyway. Neither in Ukraine, nor in Poland, nor in Lithuania. Not in Belarus itself, whose people overwhelmingly hate him.

Responsibility is inevitable. No matter what “knots” Lukashenko tries to tie.


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