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Additional evidence implicating Lukashenko in the illegal transfer of Ukrainian children

NAM Deputy Head, Artsiom Brukhan, announced the submission of the second part of the Communication to the Prosecutor's Office of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. This submission provides further evidence of the involvement of dictator Lukashenko and his accomplices in the war crime of illegally transferring Ukrainian children to Belarus.

The NAM team has established a clear hierarchy of "superior-subordinate" relations, highlighting the direct responsibility of Lukashenko and other individuals involved in these unlawful actions. At the apex of this hierarchy is Lukashenko himself, the self-proclaimed President who unlawfully holds power in Belarus.

In addition to the evidence, a comprehensive legal assessment has been included, highlighting the individual criminal responsibility of all those involved in these criminal acts. Furthermore, particular emphasis has been placed on Lukashenko's special role and responsibility as the "boss" or leader overseeing subordinates who committed these crimes.

The evidence presented also sheds light on previously undisclosed facts regarding the involvement of various Belarusian and Russian organizations in this war crime. It is worth noting that these organizations employ the same individuals but utilize different structures to achieve their objectives, including the re-education, indoctrination, and militarization of Ukrainian children.

Our objectives remain threefold:

  1. To ensure an immediate halt to all crimes against Ukrainian children.

  2. To facilitate the safe return of the children to Ukraine.

  3. To pursue the prosecution of Lukashenko and his accomplices for their war crimes, seeking their arrest warrants.


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