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Amendments for Belarusians in Polish law

Source: NAM-media

A working group of democratic forces under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland, which includes the Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the Center for Belarusian Solidarity and the National Anti-Crisis Management, met on 14 April. The Ministry confirmed the changes to the current legislation.

Humanitarian residence permits and humanitarian visas will be issued to all needy citizens of Belarus, regardless of whether they arrived in Poland from Ukraine after February 24, or came to the country for other reasons. The main objective is to help Belarusians who fled the war in Ukraine.

It will take about 2 months to develop and establish procedures for issuing humanitarian visas in Poland and for issuing humanitarian residence permits. These documents will be issued not only in Warsaw, but also in other Polish cities.

On 15 April, Andrzej Duda has signed amendments to the law that will make it possible for Belarusians to obtain humanitarian residence permits and humanitarian visas in Poland.


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