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Andrei Gnyot Released from Serbian Prison to House Arrest

Belarusian national Andrei Gnyot, who was detained by Serbian authorities at the request of the Lukashenko regime, has been transferred from Belgrade's Central Prison to house arrest.

This marks a crucial first step in securing the freedom of Andrei, who has endured over seven months in complete isolation, deprived of proper medical care, and facing a rapidly deteriorating health condition.

However, the fight is far from over. The next critical step is preventing his extradition to Belarus, where he faces persecution for his political beliefs.

Andrei Gnyot's case has galvanized hundreds of people moved by his plight. The Polish Foreign Ministry, responding to an appeal by the National Anti-Crisis Management (NAM), has played a pivotal role in advocating for his release. Most recently, the issue was discussed on May 21st during a meeting between NAM Head and Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet Pavel Latushka and Justyna Chrzanowska, Director of the Consular Department at the Polish Foreign Ministry. Earlier, at NAM's request, the European External Action Service initiated a working group comprised of representatives from foreign ministries and embassies across Europe to actively prevent Andrei's extradition.

International organization RUH, NAM, and the Free Association of Sportsmen SOS.BY, organized demonstrations of support for Andrei in Warsaw, Belgrade, London, and Berlin. BELPOL provided crucial assistance in gathering information and preparing documents, while concerned Belarusians wrote countless letters expressing their solidarity. The Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and European politicians have also championed Andrei's release. This collective action has yielded this first, vital result. However, the ultimate goal remains: the complete and unconditional release of Andrei Gnyot.

"We continue to fight for the fate of Andrei Gnyot, and we will fight for the fates of all Belarusians who suffer under Lukashenko's regime! We will persist for as long as we have the strength, for as long as it takes," declared Pavel Latushka, commenting on Andrei's transfer to house arrest.




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