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Assistance to Belarusian business in Poland

Pavel Latushko, Alexander Semashko, Matei Falkovsky
Pavel Latushko, Alexander Semashko, Matei Falkovsky Photo: the NAM-media

Today (10.07.2023) Deputy Head of the Joint Transitional Government of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Menagement Pavel Latushka met with Deputy Director of the Department of Trade and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Development and Technology of Poland Alexander Semashko and Head of the Department of Bilateral Cooperation of the Ministry of Development and Technology of Poland Matej Falkowski. During the meeting, the parties discussed the problems of developing Belarusian business in Poland.

Pavel Latushko made suggestions about:

1. Expanding the Poland Business Harbor Program to a wider range of entrepreneurs. To date, 93% of the more than 75,000 visas issued under this program have been issued to citizens of Belarus. In turn, representatives of the Polish side promised, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish Investment Agency, to consider the issue of simplifying the issuance of visas for representatives of other innovative businesses in addition to the IT sector.

2. Creating an educational program for those wishing to start their own business in Poland in the field of business rules and forms of support from the state, as well as a single information portal for Belarusians about the opportunities and requirements in the field of entrepreneurship. He also received a positive assessment from representatives of the ministry. Such programs are planned to be created both within the framework of the Polish Enterprise Development Agency and at the local level by local business development organizations and SEZs. The issue of creating a Belarusian version of the site

3. Relocation of Belarusian business to Poland as part of a more attractive tax regime compared to Belarus. Here, the Polish side expressed its readiness to provide Belarusian entrepreneurs with benefits for research and development, within the framework of the IP box program, for youth employment, etc. The issue of the activity of Belarusian entrepreneurs within the borders of 14 free economic zones existing in Poland was discussed.

The idea of creating a bilateral consultative group on entrepreneurship development was also discussed with the Polish side. The Ministry of Development is ready to interact on a permanent basis with the Union Transitional Cabinet and Belarusian business associations within the framework of bilateral consultation meetings and in fact support the creation of the widest possible association of Belarusian business structures.

The possibility of organizing a consultative meeting of a wide range of representatives of the Belarusian (Transitional Cabinet and business associations) and Poland (gray competent ministries, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Polish Agency for Investment and Trade) parties for the purpose of comprehensive consideration of issues was considered activity of Belarusian business in Poland.

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