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Belarusians will not go to war with Ukrainians

NAM representative Valeriy Matskevich in an interview to the TV channel "February morning"

It is important to understand that Putin, giving the order, relies on the "ignorance" of the average Russian citizens, who, for the most part, support the war he has unleashed. Lukashenko has no support from the Belarusian people, he can only rely on Putin’s power and money. Lukashenko is not just a bloody dictator, but also a Kremlin puppet. It is necessary to separate the position of Lukashenko’s regime and the position of the Belarusian society.

Even if an order is given, it will not be obeyed, the soldiers are looking for a way out of the situation. Already 10 EU member states have declared their readiness to provide international protection to the Belarusian military who will lay down their arms and will not enter the war. The NAM is working to ensure that the Belarusian military switches to the peaceful side if an order is given to launch an armed offensive against Ukraine.

The mood in the Belarussian army fully reflects the average mood of the whole nation, they do not want to go to war. Certainly this is known to the Belarusian KGB and they report this to Lukashenko. If he gives the order to cross the border to Ukraine, it will be the end of his dictatorship. The Belarusian army will either lay down their arms or go over to the side of Ukraine.


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