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"Black List” of Belarusian Judges

The former Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania Dainius Žalimas initiated the creation of a black list of Belarusian "judges", which already contains about 190 people.

This approach is supported by Pavel Latushka, the Cabinet Representative for the Transit of Power, who is also responsible for prosecuting representatives of the regime for crimes against Belarusian citizens.

"Judges" on the list bear special responsibility for crimes against humanity because, as professional lawyers, they are fully aware of the criminal nature of their involvement in large-scale and systematic repressions against civil society. Their role is similar to that of the "troikas" during the Stalinist repressions. The list will serve as grounds for prosecuting the included "judges" under universal jurisdiction and applying other sanctions to them.

During the meetings of Pavel Latushka and Dainius Žalimas in Vilnius on September 16 and in Warsaw on September 27, an agreement was reached on maximum cooperation to prosecute judges who commit crimes against humanity and pass politically motivated sentences against Belarusians.


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