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Do not take our attention away from our main goal

Источник: НАУ-медиа

To return power to the Belarusian people and make our country a safe and comfortable home for us all.

The Foreign Affairs Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet Valery Kavaleuski talked about his working accomplishments in 2022 and named what will help the Belarusians defeat the regime and protect the sovereignty of Belarus:

"Dear Belarusians!

All of us have had a very difficult year. The tasks which I, as a foreign affairs representative of the United Transitional Cabinet, had to accomplish were a real challenge. I am glad that I was able to achieve the following results:

  • in the face of the use of Belarusian territory in the war against Ukraine, much effort was made to separate truth from lies in the eyes of the international community, to separate the Belarusian people from the illegitimate regime that had illegally dragged our country into the war. And we have indeed succeeded in doing a lot in this direction;

  • the international space of democratic forces in Belarus continued to expand, thanks to Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's intensive communications and the work of her team and the United Transition Cabinet. This took away opportunities for the Lukashenko regime to promote its illegitimate interests;

  • the foreign presence of democratic forces in Belarus began to develop. Four missions were established in 2022, in Kiev, Brussels, Prague, and Tallinn, to work more effectively with international organizations and national governments on an ongoing basis;

  • the first, but very important steps were made to institutionalize the relations of Belarus' democratic forces and civil society with intergovernmental organizations. For the first time in history, the Council of Europe established relations with us through a contact group. This underscores the international recognition of who among the representatives of Belarus really cares about its state interests;

  • we have gained new opportunities to solve practical problems of the Belarusians outside Belarus. Many visa and legalization issues were successfully resolved. We paid special attention to the problems of Belarusians who stay in Ukraine, engage in volunteer activities and fight in Belarusian volunteer formations. We will continue to look for ways to solve the problem of travel documents for Belarusians who cannot return home.

I wish us all in the new year to learn to appreciate our personal and joint achievements, which were made under extremely difficult conditions, to cherish and support each other, not to detach our attention from the main goal: to return power to the Belarusian people and make our country a safe and comfortable home for us all. I wish faith, strength and solidarity to all of us next year on the way to victory and in defending the independence and sovereignty of Belarus”.


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