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Has Lukashenko changed his place of residence?

Pavel Latushkа: Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

Recent months and events directly related to Viktor Lukashenko give some reason to believe that dictator Alexander Lukashenko has no confidence in maintaining his power and immunity.

From September 2023 to December 2023, we will not find any public speeches or meetings of the so-called President of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, although Viktor was previously actively present in the media field and regularly spoke to residents of many regions of Belarus.

However, after such a long break, Viktor Lukashenko's first public appearance in state media turned out to be unrelated to his position in the NOC and was generally far from sports. Having been absent from the public sphere for a long time, Viktor suddenly appeared at a meeting of dictator Lukashenko in the United Arab Emirates, accompanied by his father and younger brother Nikolai. None of Lukashenko's government members were present at this meeting. What was discussed by "Lukashenko and family"?

The answer to the question of why Viktor did not appear in the media and public field for so long is that he was in the Emirates during that time. According to our information, he spent a total of more than six months there, with his last visit lasting almost three months consecutively.

The Lukashenko family is the richest family in Belarus, and their wealth is built on the exploitation of Belarusians. That is why they can afford to live in Dubai for several months and purchase an elite residence there. But why? The obvious answer is that it is related to resolving business matters. It is possible that the family may be involved in transferring part of their property to the younger Nikolai.

This suggests that the dictator has concerns about his family's money and his own power. Otherwise, why would there be such an urgent need to move all assets to the UAE?

No matter how strong and stable the power of dictator Lukashenko may appear to some, in reality, he is creating alternative airfields so that he can fly to the UAE when the need arises.



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