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Karpenkov and Talai are Russians, Putin is on their side

Pavel Latushka: Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

Alexey Talai received an award from President Putin. Russia appreciated Talai's contribution to the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children to the territory of Belarus. At the award ceremony, Talai declared himself a Russian, stating that God was on his side.

People like Talai, who openly consider themselves Russian, constitute a network of Russian influence in Belarus. We have already discussed another Russian "patriot" — Nikolai Karpenkov and his entourage, who serve the "general" and the security forces around him at the propaganda level, like the propagandists Grigori Azarenok or Vadim Gigin.

All these individuals, like Karpenkov himself, are an integral part of Lukashenko's system. Outwardly, they demonstrate their devotion to the dictator. But is this really so? And who connects the activities of the "general" and the propagandists into a single whole?

Now we will lift the veil of secrecy a little and tell you about people who are not formally part of Lukashenko's system, but act as direct promoters of Russia's interests in Belarus. They regularly travel to the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine, participate in and organize events at the Russian embassy and so-called “Russian houses” created by Rossotrudnichestvo.

We are talking about the UNION movement. Or more precisely, the organizing committee of a political party being created in Belarus. It should be said that Lukashenko's Ministry of Justice did not register this party. Apparently Lukashenko's special services sensed a certain threat from the new pro-Russian force.

The leader of the party is Sergei Lushch, a former neo-Nazi, and now a respectable young politician and propagandist. As stated on the same website of the organizing committee, "by conviction I am a consistent supporter of Belarusian-Russian integration."

Sergei Lushch
Sergei Lushch

Lushch is also deputy chairman of the council of leaders of "Belarusian public associations of Russian compatriots at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus," that is, an association of all Russian organizations in Belarus. Previously, Lushch was a member of the public organization "Rus" and headed his own youth organization "Young Rus'".

Lushch is an ardent representative of the "Russian world" in Belarus and a supporter of the absorption of Belarus by Russia and the elimination of Belarusian identity. Lushch is actively promoting the ideas of so-called "integration" with Russia, and in fact, he is preparing the takeover of Belarus. One of the important activities of Lushch and the UNION movement is support for Russian aggression.

For his activities, Lushch was "marked with prestigious insignia": gratitude and a medal from the President of the Russian Federation Putin, gratitude from Rossotrudnichestvo, as well as gratitude from the Russian Embassy in Belarus.

We also did not stand aside and included this individual in our recent proposals with justification for the application of personal sanctions from the EU, USA and Canada.

Representatives of the "UNION", with the support of the Russian embassy, actively conduct propaganda meetings of Belarusian schoolchildren and cadets, participants in the so-called patriotic clubs with their peers from Russia and, in particular, the Russian—occupied territories of Ukraine.

Nikolai Karpenkov, Sergei Lushch, Alexey Talai, Vadim Gigin, Grigory Azarenok, Oleg Romanov, Alla Verush — these individuals may not be officially designated as "extremists" or "terrorists". However, it is they and the organizations they are a part of that pose a true threat to the national security and territorial integrity of Belarus.

They are biding their time, waiting for the right opportunity to achieve their goal — to ultimately eliminate Belarus' statehood and make our country a part of Russia.



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