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Lukashenka has lost his subjectivity

Artsiom Praskalovich on Belsat

— The appointment of officials to the highest positions in Belarus is accompanied by a mandatory loyalty test, and the security forces are also checked on a lie detector.

— Lukashenka starts criminal cases even against foreign citizens abroad. However, outside of Belarus, no one takes it seriously.

— A fugitive Polish soldier Emil Chechko, who, according to him, killed 20 people daily, and his lawsuit in the Hague court is another attempt by the regime to divert attention from the crisis in Belarus, mainly on the eve of the criminal "referendum".

— Russian-Belarusian military trainings are held within the framework of the Union State, which in itself is illegal: according to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, entry into such unions must be preceded by a republican referendum.

Lukashenka lost his subjectivity, becoming a puppet of the Kremlin. If a military conflict starts from the territory of our country, then Belarus will be considered as an aggressor and the consequences of this cannot be avoided. The negligence of one of the tens of thousands of Russian soldiers who are now in Belarus can lead to irreparable consequences for the entire Belarusian people.


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